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Fachpublikationen in referierten Zeitschriften

1. Eun Ji Park, Andreas Dollinger, Lukas Huether, Moritz Blankenhorn, Kerstin Koehler, Hyun Ook Seo, Young Dok Kim, Gerd Gantefoer, "The nano-fractal structured tungsten oxides films with high thermal stability prepared by the deposition of size-selected W clusters", submitted to App. Phys. A (2017).

2. Eun Ji Park, Andreas Dollinger, Hyun Ook Seo, Gerd Gantefoer, "Fabrication of a Transparent and Super-Hydrophilic Window by Depositing WO3 Nanoparticles via Magnetron Sputtering onto a Glass", submitted to Applied Surface Science (2017).

3. Xinxing Zhang, Georgia R. Montone, Ann F. Gill, Gerd Ganteför, Byran Eichhorn, Anil K. Kandalam, and Kit H. Bowen, "Low Oxidation State Aluminum-Containing Cluster Anions: LAlH− and LAln − (n = 2–4, L = N[Si(Me)3]2), submitted to J. Chem. Phys. (2017).


Andere Publikationen

3. Artikel "Technischer Fortschritt bedeutet Freiheit", CHEManager 05/2017, 22.2.2017.(link)

4. Interview "Die Bremer leben in einer Traumwelt", Radio Bremen, 6.2.2017.(pdf)

6. "Beat the Prof", ZEIT ONLINE 24.4.2017. (link)



7. G. Ganteför, "Das Gesetz der Herde" (The law of the Herd), Textbook in German on Collective Behavior,
200 pages, 80 pictures, AT Verlag, Aarau, Switzerland, to be published September 2018. (abstract)