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Selected Pictures of the S3C 2016: Speakers and General Pictures


A few pictures catching the atmosphere


The S3C Welcome Culture

Feel at home

The Lecture Hall

Scientists from far away

View out of the Window

Again some Scientists

Important: The swiss dinner

The S3C Team

Close to the Bar

Closer to the Bar


Dinner Impression

Somewhere Downstairs

Dinner Again

After a long Day of Work

German US Partnership

Konstanz Korean Partnership

Saving the World

Serious Swiss Diner

Serious Swiss Dessert


The Korean Connection

The Winner of the Quiz

And Easy Posters

Green Skiing

Speakers in chronological order starting monday morning



Gabriel Aeppli

Harald Krug

Dan Neumark

Lai-Sheng Wang

Mike Bowers


Andras Bodi

Sandra Lang

Kit Bowen (left)



 Wei-Jun Zheng

Christian von der Linde (left)

Veronica Vaida

Ruth Signorell

Shinuk Cho

Young Dok Kim

Hyun Ook Seo

Rob Whetten

Wolfgang Eberhardt

Aras Karouzian

Elena Besley

Stefan Bromley

Richard Palmer

Paul Scheier

Bernd von Issendorff

Frank Stienkemeier

Romuald Poteau

Tobias Lau

Torbjoern Rander

Peter Radi

Xingxing Zhang

Amol Rahane

Fabian Menges


Manfred Kappes


 Ignacio Garzon

Jennifer Mohrbach

Philippe Dugourd

Atsu Nakajima

Puru Jena

Akira Terasaki

Heinz Hövel

Conrad Wolke

Scott Anderson