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Feedback from Participants on the S3C 2016

Comments from participants

Kit Bowen, Baltimore:
"Hi Gerd. Congratulations on putting on a great S3C conference! I think it was the best ever."

Mike Bowers, Santa Barbara:
"I just wanted to send you a note about how much I enjoyed and benefited from the recent S3C conference in Davos. As usual you brought together an excellent mix of speakers across the spectrum of Cluster Science mixing established leaders with promising newcomers. I was impressed that every session was fully attended and the Q&A periods following each talk were lively and extensive; the best indicator of a great meeting. I strongly encourage you to continue these meetings as they have established themselves as the premier forum for this important and cutting edge area of science. I am already looking forward to the next one. They are well worth the significant journey from Santa Barbara to Davos."

Daniel Neumark, Berkeley:
"Overall, I was very pleased with the meeting. I thought the talks were excellent and covered a diverse range of topics. The atmosphere was friendly and collegial, with good interactions between senior and junior scientists (I am afraid I am in the former group now!). And I liked the location and venue. So I hope this series continues."

Atsu Nakajima, Tokyo:
"The conference was scientifically very exciting, because you appropriately combine several viewpoints; molecular clusters and metal clusters, spectroscopy and microscopy, chemistry and physics, environmental and energy issues. I would like to congratulate your great success of the S3C conference. The S3C in 2018 in Davos seems very attractive for European countries, for North America, and for me. I will attend S3C with some of my students, if you can organize the S3C again in 2018."

Paul Scheier, Innsbruck:
"... a brilliantly organized meeting with great talks and awesome posters. The discussions in the afternoon were lots of fun and the food too good for not gaining some weight."

Uzi Landman, Atlanta:
"Over the years the series of S3C meetings became my favorites in the area of Cluster Science. The fact that the meetings are organized by active scientists in this field appears to be key to the great success of the meetings. This manifests itself in the excellent selection of focus areas, mix of traditional and emerging topics, invited speakers and session chair-persons, as well as in the spirit of open, friendly, and inspiring interactions between the participants. All these and the wonderful location, are real treasured gifts to our scientific community. I look forward to future S3C meetings."

Ruth Signorell, ETH Zürich:
"This was a top cluster conference: Great science and discussions."

Richard Palmer, Birmingham:
"A very attractive feature of the S3C meeting was the open atmosphere between all the participants;
for me this led to more than one important idea for future research."

Frank Stienkemeier, Freiburg:
This was an excellent conference. Even from the field of helium nanodroplets and rare gas clusters which are typically not mass-selected, there is much overlap in experimental techniques and interesting cluster science. Connected to the motto of green science there were interesting talks, stimulating profound thinking on new options and directions of cluster work.

Linjie Wang, Baltimore:
"My sincere thanks for your hospitality and support for me at S3C. It gave me a good chance to catch up with the latest research results on clusters. As an first year graduate student, this conference has really broaden my horizon. Thank you very much!"

Puru Jena, Richmond, USA:
"The S3C continues to be one of the most exciting meetings in cluster science and the last one was no exception. The success of the conference is marked by the excellent topics and speakers that you attract, the participation of many young researchers including graduate students, and your excellent organization. The focus of the last meeting on "Clusters going green" was not only timely, but it illustrated the distance cluster science has come in addressing some of the most important challenges the society faces. I hope you will continue to organize this seminal series of meetings in Davos. The venue certainly contributes to the success of the conference."

Scott Anderson, Salt Lake City:
"I found the S3C meeting quite valuable for several reasons. The scientific program was interesting, and I learned some cluster physics, that is not normally reported in the cluster chemistry/catalysis meetings I typically attend. S3C has a nice, and probably unique mixture of gas phase and supported clusters, and of chemistry and physics. I also quite liked the talk about nanoparticle safety/environmental issues. This is a topic one hears a great deal of hype about, and it was nice to hear some real science. For an American, this kind of informal meeting in the Alps is also quite valuable because the Europeans who attend tend to be at an earlier stage of their careers than the old guys who show up at the big international meetings. These young folks are the future of European science, and it is very helpful to be able to talk with them and see the new and exciting science that is going on. In summary, I find S3C quite valuable, as well as enjoyable, and I hope that it continues, although I know that it is really a lot of work to organize such an independent meeting."

Bernd von Issendorff, Freiburg:
"This was a perfect conference due to the very friendly and open atmosphere, very good discussions, and especially very good talks with a perfect mix of subjects reaching from cutting edge fundamental research to important technical applications and environmental issues. The S3C is certainly the best conference in this field. With respect to the future, organizing a S3C meeting with a focus on experiments at FELs, Synchrotrons and other modern light sources (like HHG setups) is definitely a very good and timely idea. I am convinced that clusters and nanoparticles are ideal systems to exploit the amazing potential of these new tools, and will play an important role in these fields. "

Xinxing Zhang, Baltimore:
"I'm writing this thanksgiving letter for your hospitality and support in the S3C conference. I, personally, am very grateful to your support to us, and to me."

Hellmut Haberland, Freiburg:
"Dear Gerd,
I want to tell you very briefly, how well I liked the S3C. Thank you for the good organization! There was - as always - a good mix between disciplines. The many lively discussions also showed the general interest of the critical listeners. The quality of the presentations was - with few exceptions - simply very good and stimulating. Keep it up!"

Weijun Zheng, Beijing:
"I can still remember every moment in the S3C meeting. I really enjoyed the friendly, informal, and open atmosphere of the S3C meeting. I felt that I was again backing in the family of cluster science after having isolated myself from the world for several years. I enjoyed everything in the meeting: the trains, snow mountains, hotel, Swiss dinners, presentations, discussions, and the quiz.  I am also grateful to the warm suggestions and comments on my work from the renowned scientists, such as Dr. Bowers, Dr. Eberhardt, Dr. Neumark, Dr. Jena, and Dr. Haberland, etc. Thank you and your students for organizing the nice conference."