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The S3C takes place every second year. Each meeting has a focus topic outside the core themes of cluster science. Several speakers covering this focus topic will bring new aspects to the cluster community. The motto of the S3C 2013 is:


Bottom-up meets Top-down

Nanotechnology is a fast developing field. The most important areas are computer science and nanobiology. In many applications such as information technology a top down approach is applied. Starting from bulk materials, smaller structures are formed. Today, structures with a size of a few nanometers can be manufactured with lithografic techniques. On the other hand, cluster science develops from very small, molecule-like clusters towards bigger particles bridging the gap between clusters and nanoparticles. At some point, the top down approach meets the bottom up  techniques.  Examples of this "merging "of research fields are nanocatalysis  and nanoelectronics.